Rebecca Mick(non-registered)
I must assume you were influenced by Ansel Adams and the Zone System Marion. Your work is simply gorgeous. A glimpse into what I believe heaven will be like.
Nick Zantop(non-registered)
Breathtaking work - your images of Patagonia are out of this world!
Wow, you are so blessed to have so much talent. Your pictures are clear, your colors fantastic!
These pictures do an amazing job capturing the beauty of the landscapes you are photographing. Keep up the good work!
marshall feaster(non-registered)
marion, i am overwhelmed by your talent and feel so blessed to know you and to have had the opportunity to photograph with you. keep up the good work!
Jan MacKenzie(non-registered)
Boy are those pictures gorgeous. None of those great spots for photos in MB. Jan
Patty Powers(non-registered)
wow! very inspiring...thank you:)
Rachel Clemence Photography
You have a great eye for landscapes! I hope to learn from you at PSRI
Lynn Smith(non-registered)
Great photography Marion. Love your work!
Jane Chesebrough(non-registered)
I came here from a link on Darwin's blog-fantastic work.
Carlos Rojas Photography
One word, " Beautiful".....
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